VoloVirtuale Torino   FS2004 sceneries

Recently, at VoloVirtuale Torino site (mainly Italian language only), new FSX only sceneries have been released.
Working with the authors, I've done the backward conversion to make those very beautiful works available to people that are still using FS2004 (FS9).
As off today (January 2013), the following sceneries are available for download:

View   Turin Caselle (LIMF 2012) -   Download

Go to   Turin Aeritalia (LIMA 2011) -   Download

Go to   Piedmont Airfields 2010 -   Download


View   Images - Turin Caselle (LIMF 2012)

View   Images - Turin Aeritalia (LIMA 2011)

View   Images - Piedmont Airfields

           Piedmont Airfields shots


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